In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written upgrade Season 03 Episode49 17th September 2021, we see that Sonakshi under the affect of alcohol starts suggesting with Sanjana.

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The illustration of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with all the children and elders playing. The music stops once Soha has the sphere so she is asked to pick a chit and also do a dare. The chit states to mimic an elder therefore Soha takes Bijoy’s glasses and also mimics him. Next, the music stops at Aayush. The is asked come sing and dance. Grandm Verma speak him to sing the tune that she teach him. Mr Verma tells she to let him decide. Aayush starts singing, yet Radha claims he has to dance together well. Gollu claims it’s his favourite song and starts dancing v Radha. Aayush choose Ishwari to dance with him which makes her very happy. The organize asks several questions around Dev. In the end, the hold asks a challenging question, which smell irritates Dev? Alena says that nobody will be able to answer this.

Sanjana claims the smell of ginger. Sonakshi speak Alena the it’s suspicious that she to know this as well. The host calls Sonakshi to hand end the gift to Sanjana. Sonakshi tells Sanjana come pay fist to her work-related rather than paying attention to Dev. This angers Sanjana and she keeps walking looking at her. Sanjana drops off the stage. Everyone rushes to her. Dev apologises come Sanjana. Sonakshi asks why he is apologising as she dropped on her own. Dev speak Sonakshi no one is blaming her. That tries to leave v Sonakshi once Sanjana reminds him of a meeting. Sonakshi gets angry and asks why she is talking about work as soon as they are enjoying the party. Dev tries come leave with Sonakshi but she wants to speak to Sanjana.

Sonakshi asks Sanjana why she phone call Dev in ~ night once she have the right to message him. She says Sanjana even calls Dev beforehand at the office forgetting that he has a wife. She states the gift that Sanjana offered Dev is useless together he is allergic to it, she tells she to not give any more gifts come him. Alena says Sonakshi probably had the not correct drink which was really strong. Dev claims he will certainly take care of it. That asks Sanjana if she is fine and also asks Vicky and Alena come drop her. Bijoy realises that the PG is avoiding his father’s calls together his father is not supportive the his career. Bijoy speak him to provide the phone come him and also he will certainly make his dad understand.

Dev bring Sonakshi home. She sees the residence decorated and starts singing. Dev is worried the Maa will certainly wake up. Ishwari comes out saying the kids got worn down at the party for this reason slept. Dev asks Ishwari to gain warm water. Dev take away Sonakshi come the room and puts her on the bed. He gets rid of her sandals and also earring. Sonakshi v a pen to write Devakshi forever. Sanjana tells her friend that this injury is good for her as Dev will start caring for her more.

Ishwari come with heat water. She asks why Sonakshi is sleeping without changing. Dev says she is tired. Ishwari speak Dev exactly how Aayush referred to as her grandm in former of MR and Mrs Verma which make her really happy. Dev wishes Sonakshi doesn’t wake up or Ishwari will understand she is drunk.

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