WWE Hell in a cabinet 2016 will certainly be a raw brand-exclusive pay-per-view occasion on October 30, 2016 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Monitor along right here for spoilers and also information top top the event\"s card, lineup that matches and news about the pay-per-view.

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Here room my predictions because that the 2016 WWE Hell in a cabinet PPV. Check ago for Hell in a cell 2016 results and review coverage here.
WWE Hell in a cell 2016 Spoilers


WWE universal Championship Hell in a Cell: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins
I guess: v Rollins isn\"t also injured, right? These males are 2 of mine favorites top top the roster, therefore I\"m excited to watch what they pull out. I totally expect Owens to maintain the championship with some sort of bullshittery. Whether that\"s from chris Jericho (who doesn\"t have actually a enhance scheduled yet) or Triple H is tho up because that guesses, though.PREDICTION: Kevin Owens retains.

WWE United says Championship Hell in a cell Match: roman Reigns (c) vs. Rusev
It\"s quite lame the this is an alleged to be thought about a huge enough feud to have in the cage, but that\"s the difficulty with the Hell in a cabinet being a pay-per-view to start with, instead of simply a enhance that have the right to be brought out at any kind of time once necessary. This cursed sure far better be the end of their program together. I wouldn\"t be surprised if this is the most brutal the the 3 cage matches, though. Rollins was simply injured, therefore they\"ll desire to take it easy, and the raw Women\"s Championship complement just absolutely will not be part reiteration that Foley v Taker native King that the Ring. I intend this to have actually the greatest spot of the night, and if the happens, climate that need to be fun.PREDICTION: roman inn Reigns maintain the title.

WWE raw Women\"s Championship Hell in a cabinet Match: Sasha banks (c) vs. Charlotte
This is monumental for the women\"s division, as it\"s never ever been excellent before. There\"s just a grasp of women talented enough to pull this off and also Sasha Banks and also Charlotte are two of them. However, don\"t acquire your wishes up that this is walking to it is in something much more than the isn\"t. Remember, Hell in a cabinet matches room just continuous No Disqualification bouts surrounding by a cage. Typically, the cage comes less in play 보다 it would in a traditional steel cage match. You\"re only setting yourself up because that disappointment if friend think Sasha and Charlotte are going to beat each other right into bloody messes with weapons and also steel fencing. They\"ll likely keep points down to Charlotte ramming Sasha right into the cage ~ above the outside and some various other minor things like that while Rusev and Roman Reigns execute the much more violent clues to help protect Seth Rollins, too. That\"s no to say this can\"t be a good match, though. Simply keep her expectations within reason and also you\"ll most likely not be disappointed.PREDICTION: Sasha banks retains the title.

WWE life Tag Team Championship Match: The brand-new Day (c) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro
Mick Foley determined that due to the fact that Sheamus and also Cesaro ended their ideal of Seven series with a draw, they must both gain a championship match, swerving everyone by make it because that the life Tag Team Championship. Because Luke Gallows and also Karl Anderson failure to record the titles however again, the next in line came to be The Swiss Superman and also The Celtic Warrior. Because The new Day room so close (December) to beating Demolition\"s record, I\"ll be yes, really annoyed if lock drop the belts come a makeshift feuding tag team. That\"s been done so countless times in the past just to push the two singles stars and within no time, castle drop the titles. Together a pointless transitional reign is no worth cut The brand-new Day short.PREDICTION: The brand-new Day retains after Sheamus and also Cesaro can\"t get along. They\"d far better retain, in ~ least...
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: T.J. Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick
I\"m a pan of both of these guys, so I\"m totally on board with seeing one more match in between the two. It\"s still way too early to take it the title far from Perkins, no matter how great Kendrick is. This must be one of the most basically entertaining matches that the night.PREDICTION: T.J. Perkins retains.
Enzo Amore & huge Cass vs. Luke Gallows & knife Anderson
Enzo and also Cass weren\"t on Clash of Champions, so it would suck to see them not booked for Hell in a Cell as well. ~ above a comparable token, Gallows and Anderson shouldn\"t be left turn off this card, either. I discussed pairing this two groups up number of weeks ago, and also it appears they\"re going that route. Even if it is this is on the pre-show or the main card, it will still be exciting to see.PREDICTION: Gallows and Anderson victory to balance out their recent losses.
Bayley vs. Dana Brooke
After that eight wrestling complement the group was completely not receptive for, they certainly needed to include this enhance to the card.PREDICTION: Bayley wins.
Pre-Show Kickoff Match: Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado & Sin Cara vs. Tony Nese, attracted Gulak & Ariya Daivari
Very surprised this enhance has to be added, however we still don\"t have actually Braun Strowman versus Sami Zayn. Anyway, this need to be a funny yet skippable match, together nothing is on the line, however the cruiserweights know just how to placed on a great show.PREDICTION: Team Babyface wins.
Braun Strowman vs. Sami ZaynSami Zayn made decision to stand up to Braun Strowman, and also as punishment because that that, he\"s walk to get wrecked.PREDICTION: see ya Zayn.Bo Dallas vs. Curtis Axel (vs. Neville?)I might imagine the pre-show including a match in between either Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel or Bo Dallas and also Neville, perhaps even a triple threat.PREDICTION: Axel loser if he\"s in the match, yet Neville wins if he\"s involved.

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