Previously on the Best and also Worst the WWE Raw: Raw ongoing its “be as much like Smackdown as possible because Smackdown’s going live soon and will have to be more like Raw” tour. Ns don’t know, it no make any sense. Sasha financial institutions is back, the social Outcasts are back, and The brand-new Day dressed choose the Wyatt household and additionally like a millennial socialite’s translate of farmers. It no the finest Raw ever.

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Note: There space no optimal 10 comment this week, due to the fact that the holiday offered us about 1/3 the regular comments, and likewise we forgot to collection the “live discussion” mode for the life thread that puts the newest comments at the top. Sorry, we were celebrate America. They’ll be earlier next week.

And now, the Best and Worst that WWE Raw for July 4, 2016.

Best: Let’s gain Straight come The Pie Fighting

This week’s episode starts with Aiden English singing the explanation of Independence, which is absolutely not a song, and also it resulting in a food fight. Together you might’ve noticed, WWE is stocked through adults with the souls the Big‘d children. Yet yo, because that real, why is Aiden English to sing the statements of Independence? Aren’t there a sh*t-ton that USA songs? go they use up everything public domain once Lilian sang the ‘Star-Spangled Banner?’ Is the why the “multi-national alliance” in the main occasion each gotten in to their particular nation’s nationwide anthems and Team USA wandered out to ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever?’ It can not be that tough to gain Lee Greenwood come guest host Raw.

Anyway, as you might remember, WWE had a food fight once before, top top a Thanksgiving 2000 version of Smackdown. Oh, likewise once during an Alberto Del Rio interview. And Kelly Kelly and also Layla had a food fight on ECW. Okay, WWE has a food fight on every holiday remotely entailing food, native birthdays to brand-new Years come Oktoberfest.

Highlights native this food hit include:

– Lana and Rusev booing the declaration of Independence and everyone agreeing v them – Miz and Maryse looking far better than any type of two people should – Sami Zayn, heather Slater and also Sheamus all sitting at a table together, due to the fact that I guess the gingers gain segregated – Darren Young getting here in the background, which we’re officially referring to together “Make Darren Young Cake Again” – The bright Stars being at the meal and not simply standing in former of a green display with images of food on it – Bo Dallas acquiring Carrie‘d:



I also would’ve accepted, “Summer Rae watched round one of the Cruiserweight Classic and decided come wrestle favor Kota Ibushi.”

(Be mindful out there through your brains, everybody.)

Worst: Michael Cole

Before a commercial break, Cole describes Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz as a, “rare champion matches champion match.” therefore rare the it also happened on Smackdown!

Best: Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds Setup

The Miz’s offense looks favor Shibata’s compared to Dean Ambrose, yet I do like exactly how Ambrose has actually been setting up Dirty Deeds. Instead of just kicking a male in the stomach and also hooking the eight — read: “putting his arms under his opponent’s arms and also kinda poignant their back, hooking nothing” — Ambrose has actually started throwing his adversaries backwards with a schoolboy rollup. As soon as they roll v and try to acquire to their feet, the just natural an answer you’d need to a schoolboy, that grabs them and also drops them. It’s at least a much more varied method of getting world to bending over.

I perform wish somebody would certainly slide Ambrose some attracted McIntyre tapes and also tell him to carry out it choose this.

Best: Dolph Ziggler VS. Seth Rollins

The ideal match on the display in a go is Dolph Ziggler in his Sanrio rock Cold Steve Austin tights versus Seth Rollins. It’d be so basic to rehabilitate our photo of Ziggler if they just avoided his “wrestles the same man over and also over until you’re sick of both of them” trope and also had part good, long, differed matches versus people who have the right to work. It’s no rocket science.

I think my favorite part of the complement is the nearfall turn off the superkick, i m sorry is pretty much as close together you can acquire to 3 without it being three. Examine it the end at the 2:00 mark in the video. The ref really had actually to trust that kickout to get that close to the mat top top three. He counts it favor he’s law the Curtis Axel YEEEE. Outstanding.

After the match, Rollins heads over to the announcement table, climbs increase onto it and also starts walking between the two talking sh*t. Typically I don’t like the face cheapshotting the hoe to clear up a non-physical confrontation, however I’ll provide Ambrose this one because that the pacing and also acting involved. As soon as Rollins top over, Ambrose says, “he’s no gonna do anything, he just gets really upset.” it’s a nice check out of Rollins’ personality, and explains why he’s still a heel regardless of ostensibly being a complete babyface.

The guy fought ago from injury and cares more about wrestling 보다 anything, yet he gets f*ckin’ pissed about everything and also it i do not care a hassle. Ns know how he feels. I obtain the exact same way. He desires to be an excellent and loved, however then his mind starts going too fast and also it’s like whoops, ns hit my best friends in the ago with a chair and also now ns dressed like a Kamen Rider and also hanging out through my bosses, whoops, ns tried come screw end my friend and now Brock Lesnar wants to death me, whoops, ns can’t protect against screaming and complaining around nothing and now even the patient civilization in my circle room trying come DDT me ~ above tables. Completely identifiable.

I choose that as his personality — kind of like Randy Orton, however for social interactions — and I favor that Ambrose understands it and is honestly quite cool with it since he’s right now on top, however can just be supposed to placed up v it in a peaceful way for for this reason long. He’s gone native bloody hate to a sort of understated, knowledge pity, and that makes Rollins way MADDER 보다 the hiding in trunks and giant Christmas presents to attack him.

Seth Rollins is high-functioning anxiety. He’s gained all the talent in the world, yet he f*cks it up because that himself because he won’t stop getting his feelings hurt and getting indignant and trying to “make a stand” about every small change that plan. Roman gets all the chances and praise Seth feels prefer Seth deserves because that working way HARDER all the time and also feels favor Roman couldn’t maybe understand, since he doesn’t feel that stress or care too much about things and therefore can’t maybe be alive. Dean doesn’t treatment either, and also doesn’t have half Seth’s talent, however everybody loves him, especially when the acts goofy and stupid. That loses every the time and people still cheer him, and Seth i will not ~ shut up about how tiny sense the makes. It alienates him indigenous the people he desperately needs approval from, and if he’d simply shut up and relax and let points happen, he’d it is in fine. However he can’t. He’s not wired that way. His curse is having actually to it is in bent the f*ck out of shape about everything forever.

I feel you, Seth.

Also, a supplemental finest for Ambrose sitting in in ~ the Spanish notice table, and also Jerry Soto informing him his Spanish sounds favor Italian.

Best: Xavier Woods transforms A Corner

Two an excellent things around the breakthrough in the Wyatt Family/New job beef this week:

1. This is just how you perform Wyatt family members content on Raw. Friend can’t counting on live crowds to pay fist to anything, therefore why have actually Bray waste his time and talent cut those long gaspy promos every week, simply to have everyone ignore and also “what” them? do them prefer Lucha Underground vignettes. Tape lock in advance, let Bray speak in a organic (extra creepy) voice in ~ his very own pace with as much breath as he needs. Stop the What chants, due to the fact that it’s ~ above the video screen. Usage the setting, tone and also special results to store the crowd paying attention. Then, rarely — as seldom as a champion vs. Champion match — have actually Bray carry out it live. The crowd will be much more conditioned to pay attention, and also it’ll it is in a special thing, rather than the status quo.

2. Xavier Woods is finally reacting to the brand-new Day like I’ve began reacting to brand-new Day. They obtain threatened by cultist, brainwashy swampbillies through teleporting torture powers and also INVITED to WHAT shows up TO be AN INDOCTRINATION murder CAMP, and also instead the having any kind of caution whatsoever, large E and Kofi space like, “LOL TWERKY STINKY BOOTIES, loot O’S MAKE certain YOU AIN’T BOOTY!” Woods is like, “what the f*ck, guys? They space going come ACTUALLY death US.” i love it. Ns 75% certain the payoff is Woods just saying “sike” and shaking his target on a pile of murdered compound corpses or whatever, but I choose someone lastly stopping and also saying, “hey, we fight for a living, any chance y’all can turn it down a notch and treat this choose a threat? We can watch Dragon Ball and share Crying Jordans later.”

Worst: You recognize What’s much better Than The 4th Of July? PUERTO RICO.

These videos room really reaching. “Independence job is a solemn event of liberty in the united States. We’re also free in Puerto Rico, which is one unincorporated U.S. Territory, which method our flexibility is contempt better. Concerned Puerto Rico! Or don’t, i guess.”

Best?: Darren Young gets The Chickenwing

Can you master a host by gift told you’re permitted to do it? Let’s hope so. Now he have the right to use it to victory all the matches he isn’t having!

Best: #VickieRunsSmackdownLive

Vickie Guerrero is the f*cking greatest. They need to let her operation Smackdown, let john Laurinaitis run Raw, and do sophisticated thinkpiece on exactly how being heel periodically just way you’re abrasive and uncool. Vickie holding her hands in ~ shoulder height and throwing back her head to cackle towards the heavens like she’s Ursula indigenous The small Mermaid forever.

Worst: Dolph Ziggler Is The Worst

Dolph Ziggler avoiding security guards and also making Vickie think the cares about her well-being only to litter her under the bus come get ago to his phone call with his mom around how he shed a match but tried yes, really hard is the most Dolph Ziggler thing of all time. It’s like having actually turds reduce on friend from the ceiling together a personality type.

As always, shout-out come Ryback because that being the only decent human in the background of Vickie Guerrero.

Best: The Club

One that the really best moment of the present is another John Cena American vacation Speech being interrupted by The Club, who promise to use every one of their upcoming holidays to beat up man Cena. Luke Gallows and also AJ styles are walk to dress up together Bushwhacker Luke and Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake (respectively) to beat increase Cena ~ above Halloween, and Karl Anderson claims he’s gonna invest Christmas wrapping presents for his kids and “hot asian wife” and also then win up man Cena. It’s therefore good. That knew that Hobie Doyle and his bald pair sons would be the be talkers on Raw?

Worst: This no Going To end Well because that You

First of all, The Club requirements a fourth guy so they have the right to convincingly “surround” a ring. Every time they cover 3/4 I simply want Cena come calmly leave and also walk come the back.

Second of all, Enzo and Cass show up to make the conserve for Cena, setting up those no doubt walking to it is in a really f*cking good 6-man tag in ~ Battleground. The said, it’s no going to finish well for them. Cena goes through friends like toilet paper, literally and also figuratively — ask Zack Ryder, The Usos or Cryme Tyme — and constantly wants to it is in saved, yet rarely go the saving. Plus, together I i m so sad didn’t kind first, this is gonna end with Enzo Amore in a neckbrace and also wheelchair coincidentally wheeling up and also seeing Cena kissing Cass.

Best: that Goldust Bouncing Head because that The golden Truth entrance Theme

It’s mainly been a Smackdown thing so far, so i haven’t gotten a opportunity to say exactly how much I reap a subtitled sing-along enntrance gate theme. I wish they’d done that through Test’s entrance template so we might know what the f*ck the lyrics are. No the “Test, this is a test” parts, everything else. Ns gonna walk to mine grave stressing around that mystery. Don’t copy and also paste in those lyrics you discovered searching “Test entrance design template lyrics” either, that’s just something somebody typed 15 years earlier and “Test entrance design template lyrics” are so unimportant that human being just went through it.

what was i talking about

Oh, yeah, a pair of points I liked around this really short match:

– Goldust and also Truth have actually a tandem finisher now, called “Solid Gold,” it is a powerbomb/Side impact combo. Currently I simply want to view them tempt someone right into a barn and also hit the on a damaged circular table.

– I like that Fandango and also Tyler Breeze room so close currently that they’ve come to be the exact same person. Player One and Player 2 of the same character. That like once someone buys a dog and they start taking on every other’s characteristics, just they’re both the dog.

Thing ns didn’t like:

– The Vaudevillains should start paint their faces and also welcoming civilization to The Wasteland.

Worst: and Then This

This week’s main was in reality the worst component of the show for me. WWE elimination sign matches drive me insane, since so much of the enhance is dudes gaining instantly pinned with finishers or even transitional moves while their adversaries stand approximately watching. It even happens late in the match. That kills any kind of suspension of disbelief that these civilization on these teams actually want to win.

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It was basically the agree wrestling indistinguishable of the show-opening pie fight, without any of the funny stuff the made the pie hit enjoyable. Below are the Dudley Boyz. They walk a 3-D. It’s super effective! oh no among them gained hit through a hip toss, currently they’re somehow both eliminated. It’s 100% wrestling because that the sake of wrestling, through a huge United claims flag above the ring all set to open when Team U.S.A. Wins. What would’ve taken place if Team world had won? were you gonna autumn Canadian, Swiss, Mexican and Irish flags?

Plus, the match ended with huge Show and also Zack Ryder winning. Here’s a fun game: watch the last two months of WWE TV, climate skip the very first three hrs of this episode and jump best to the end, through Show and also Ryder woo woo wooing under a large flag. Try to figure out what the hell happened.

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