Rule 12-2-1.2 - around the DFAThe Mississippi department of Finance and management is composed of eighteen (18) offices with a total staff of around 420 employees. The agency"s main responsibility is the administration and monitor of the State"s financial and administrative operations. This has supervision over purchasing, accounting, budgeting, travel, employee payroll, seller payments, State health and wellness insurance, building construction and maintenance, excess property, State Capitol police and security of State buildings, the State"s fleet that vehicles and aircraft, and other related areas.

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DFA main OfficeDFA excess PropertyDFA MS monitoring & report System
501 phibìc West Street 3157 Highway 468W 210 east Capitol Street
Suite 1301A Pearl, ms 39208 Suite 1400
Jackson, multiple sclerosis 39201 Jackson, multiple sclerosis 39201

(b)How to paper a Request

Any human wishing come request access to public records of the DFA, or seeking help in making together a inquiry should call the DFA director of Communications. All requests come examine, copy, or acquire public records from the DFA should be in writing** and delivered come the DFA via mail, email or in person. The request should carry out as much detail as possible about the documents being requested, incorporate the preferred format (paper copy, flash drive, electronic or inspection) and also must include the name, address, and also contact info of the requester consisting of email resolve and call number.

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Requests must be sent out to:

Mississippi room of Finance and also Administration

Office the Communications


501 north West Street, Suite 1301A

Jackson, ms 39201 Via facsimile: 601.359.2405

This details is also obtainable on the DFA net site

The manager of interactions will oversee compliance through the plot but one more DFA employee member may procedure the request. Therefore, these rules will refer to the manager of communications "or designee." The director of communications or designee and the DFA will provide the "fullest assistance" to requester; ensure that public documents are defended from damage or disorganization; and also prevent fulfilling public records requests indigenous causing too much interference with crucial functions the the DFA.