i am obsessed through the X-Men and have been since I was a kid. I was the nerd who recorded the initial X-Men cartoon “Pryde of the X-Men” in 1989 ~ above Saturday morning and was devastated when the pilot never ever turned right into a series. Luckily in 1992 mine wish to be granted and also a 76-episode operation of a recently revamped and also totally kick ass X-Men cartoon to be launched and thus began one that the finest renditions the comic publication to cartoon ever before on television.

The X-Men cartoon to be a lot choose “Batman The animated Series” in that it take it the initial subject matter seriously and stuck pretty faithful to its comic book roots. Never ever worrying around dumbing under the material for kids, in truth I even remember together a son being impressed that the pilot illustration “kills” turn off Morph and also imprisons Beast, 2 pretty big events to occur in a series opener. Ns say “kills” because afterwards Morph comes earlier as a poor guy seeking revenge against Cyclops and also the X-Men after lock left him for dead. The series built upon itself with each episode having actually multiple story arcs, specifically the enhancing complications the the love triangle between Cyclops, Jean Grey, and also Wolverine; and also it didn’t shy far from inviting together many characters (good and bad) to play in the sandbox together well. So lot of the comic book background is extended in 76 episodes it’s insane and also the best component is, it’s all done really well.

Volume 1 and also 2 incorporate the very first 33 illustration of the series, and nearly every one of these work like gangbusters also now. There room brilliant episodes favor “Night the the Sentinels,” the pilot where the anti-mutant sentiment and also current politics climate of the mutant/human people is collection up and our actors of characters are introduced. “Enter Magneto” wherein we gain to check out the master of Magnetism and his an ext forceful technique to protecting mutants, through trying to take end Homo-Inferiors (humans). Then there’s the awesome season one cliffhanger “Days of Future Past,” a two-part episode that brings Bishop back from the future to try and death Gambit in stimulate to stop a political assassination the sparks a war finishing in a mutant apocalypse. The villains Apocalypse, Juggernaut, Mojo, Pyro, Blob, and also many much more baddies present up to fight the X-Men team and also some distinct guests prefer Cable and also Forge. This display is ridiculously layered and full the every personality you have the right to imagine indigenous the X-Men universe. And also to lid off this good two volume collection is the epos five-part Phoenix Saga, whereby Jean Grey walk a little crazy and virtually destroys our whole galaxy.

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ns am constantly a small worried as soon as I go earlier and clock cartoons from mine childhood, some really don’t stand the check of time. So much GIJOE, Batman the animated Series, and also now X-Men are the choose few. X-Men hold up 17 year later because of that is all-inclusive storylines and character development. The computer animation is decent, no as awe-inspiring together I remember and also certainly HDTV’s don’t really assist in hiding the flaws. Several of the emotionally moments veer into melodrama, but I respect the present for having actually the guts come go the deep v the ache of the characters and also the emotions that come through the wars they fight, also if periodically it’s a little cheese ball. The voice exhilaration is top top par with Batman and other cartoon greats that the 90’s, particularly Professor X and also Wolverine. I have judged many X-Men cartoons since based on the voice talent and story arcs of this series. They have a five-episode Phoenix Saga!!! how awesome is that?? ns don’t know plenty of shows that take five episodes to develop a story.

This arsenal is a dream for die-hard X-Men fans the were worn down of dusting off old VHS copies of the show, or purchase DVD’s in the previous that only had a couple episodes. Lastly we obtain a major dent in the collection all ~ above a few DVD’s to include to our nerd arsenal (or probably it’s just me the is this excited to finally have all the episodes in one place).

My just gripe is the it has actually been 17 years since this show aired and also they have made fans wait this lengthy for a DVD collection and it ultimately comes out, yet there is no a solitary extra on any of the discs. This is a total bummer. I’m sure there have to be part archival interviews with the voice actors or Stan Lee or some of the original collection creators. And if not, then why didn’t they make a retrospective documentary looking ago on together an influential and also kick ass series?? I also think that the episodes can have been mastered a bit far better to enhance the modern technology of HDTV, the computer animation is not as negative as it looks in HD and also if castle would have actually taken much more time to boost it, then ns wouldn’t feel the should watch that on a tiny screen to enjoy it fully. The shoddy carry took me out of that a few times and also the finish lack the extras provides there nothing much more to explore after she done v the episodes.

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So I’m really happy the the X-Men are ultimately out ~ above DVD and also a whole bunch at once, I simply wish lock would have actually made a better effort to make the collection a Collector’s Item, instead we get a run-of-the-mill DVD presentation.