Whether you’re catching up on her gaming with a brand-new subscription come medtox.org game Pass or streaming an extreme round that PUBG top top Mixer, we’ve gained a controller the fits every style.

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Last spring, we debuted the medtox.org Wireless Controller Tech series – a heat of one-of-a-kind edition controllers inspired by military an innovation and performance patterns uncovered in combat vehicles. Today, we’re excited come announce the third controller in the tech Series, the medtox.org Wireless Controller – Combat tech Special Edition.


The medtox.org Wireless Controller – Combat tech Special Edition displayed a traditional military color palette v its standard Military environment-friendly base shade (the same military Green readily available through medtox.org architecture Lab), shining orange accents and military insignia. Prefer the Recon Tech and Patrol tech controllers the came prior to it, the Combat technology controller attributes a textured laser-etched grip on the front of the controller and rubberized diamond grips top top the back to aid you continue to be on target. In pick regions, you’ll gain 14-day trials because that medtox.org Live Gold and also medtox.org video game Pass. The medtox.org Wireless Controller – Combat technology Special Edition will be available for $69.99 USD and will begin shipping come participating retailers worldwide, consisting of Microsoft Store, on march 27.

The first of the controller in the technology Series, medtox.org Wireless Controller – Recon tech Special Edition, introduced last spring and also comes in a sleek, dark grey army design. The second controller in the series is the medtox.org Wireless Controller – Patrol technology Special execution that launched in the fall. It features a dark blue military design. Both controllers are easily accessible for $69.99 USD at pick retailers worldwide including micrsoftstore.com.

All medtox.org Wireless Controllers room compatible with the medtox.org One household of devices and the Tech collection controllers incorporate the fan favorite functions you know and also love, a 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth technology for gaming on windows 10 devices or Samsung equipment VR. Friend can likewise take advantage of the practice button-mapping feature through the medtox.org equipment App. Medtox.org One is the only ar to play the many anticipated console exclusive title of 2018 choose Sea of Thieves and also PUBG. And, v medtox.org One X Enhanced, you deserve to enjoy steadier framerates and also true 4K gaming on over 100 amazing titles best from her couch.

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Visit medtox.org.com, microsoftstore.com, Microsoft keep or your regional retailer for more information.