...evoked sufficient of a emotion of togetherness in that wistful melody and lyrics to have virtually instant appeal for the millions who were then separated from your loved ones due to the fact that of the war.”

- Charles Schwartz

Words and MusicCole Porter

The movie miscellaneous to shout About, filmed in 1942 but released in 1943, introduced the Academy Award-nominated track “You’d be So Nice come Come house To.” It was sung by Don Ameche and also Janet Blair in the backstage story i beg your pardon itself to be nothing much to shout about.

The tune was recorded by frank Sinatra and also made 16 appearances top top the well-known radio display Your fight Parade. However, it to be Dinah Shore with the Paul Weston Orchestra who took it to the charts where it remained for 18 weeks, topping in ~ #3. The vocal group Six Hits and also a miss later had actually modest success v the song, charting for two weeks and also reaching #11.

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Chart information used by permission fromJoel Whitburn's pop Memories 1890-1954

It was the only song from the movie that captured on with the public. In his book Cole Porter: A biography Charles Schwartz says that the tune ...”evoked sufficient of a feeling of togetherness in the wistful melody and also lyrics to have virtually instant appeal for the millions who were then separated from your loved ones because of the war.”


More ~ above Cole Porter

Henry martin in his publication Enjoying Jazz analyzes one Ella Fitzgerald power of the tune that that calls “a freewheeling improvisation of the melody v the original lyrics.... Because that a lyric to be applied so freely, it is important that the be reasonably easy come sing. The smooth, colloquial lyric that ‘You’d be So Nice to Come home To’ allows Fitzgerald to show off her an approach to fantastic effect.”

The song’s appeal has actually lured even avant garde pianist Cecil Taylor to record it. Recent critical performances encompass renditions by pianist bill Mays, guitarist Jack Wilkins, and flutist Ali Ryerson. Four modern-day vocalists execute the track at different tempos ranging from optimistic to slow-moving ballad-- Janis Mann, Kenny Rankin, Giacomo Gates, and also Andy Bey--but no one of them encompass the verse--and with reason.

The verse, in fact, qualifies the love express in the song and totally alters the meaning: “It’s no that you fairer...It’s no that she rarer...No, mine darling, this is the reason why you’ve acquired to be mine.” through this introduction the song’s romantic images come to be merely a wish, one idealization, intended as a seduction instead of a thank you very much expression the admiration: “You’d it is in so pretty by the fire...under stars, chilled by the winter...under an respectable moon burn above....”

Cole: A Biographical Essay, through Robert Kimball and Brendan Gill, includes a 2nd verse, apparently sung by the mrs love attention in response to the refrain. In this city romance takes a real hit and also the love to express in the stop is belittled:

I must be excited,But, Lothario, why not very own upThat you always chaseAfter ev’ry brand-new faceIn town?

since both verses explode the balloon of romance and also detract indigenous the express desire, castle are best unsung. Porter’s lyrics for the refrain room evocative, and also they soothed a war time generation that couples longing to be reunited. Their magic is still reliable generations later. And also the relocate from the minor key opening come the major key ending adds come the song’s hopefulness. The city aside, it’s a song that jazz musicians still love come explore.

More details on this tune...

Allen ForteThe American popular Ballad of the golden Era, 1924-1950: A research in musical DesignPrinceton college PressHardcover: 336 pages(Author/educator Forte devotes four pages come the song’s background and an analysis of the music.)

- Sandra Burlingame

This section suggests definitive or otherwise far-reaching recordings that will help jazz students get acquainted with“You"d be So Nice come Come residence To.” these recordings have actually been selected from the Jazz background andCD references sections.

When in search of definitive vocal performances the “You’d be So Nice to Come house to,” there a couple that stand the end which, interestingly, both function guest artists on trumpet. Helen Merrill’s 1954 record (Helen Merrill v Clifford Brown) is relaxed and swinging and features a impressive solo by Clifford Brown, while Ella Fitzgerald’s recording from ten years later on (At Juan-Les Pins) functions a cameo native Roy Eldridge and also is taken at a much brighter tempo. Amongst instrumental versions, the 1957 recording by Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins (Coleman Hawkins encounters Ben Webster) attributes both the the tenor saxophone elder statesmen along with pianist Oscar Peterson, make it an excellent example the the tune as a small-group blow vehicle.

Noah Baerman - Jazz Pianist and Educator

Musical analysis of “You’d it is in so Nice to Come residence To”Original KeyA minor, finishing on the relative majorFormA1 - B - A2 - CTonalityPredominantly significant throughout many of the song yet subtly moving to significant during the last 4 measuresMovementPrimarily step-wise in both directions; no intervals wider than a fourthComments (assumed background)The boy tonalities incorporate here to develop a unique and haunting progression. Couple of of the possible substitutions would be an advancement on Porter’s original, although there are some harmonies that lend us to the usage of extensions. Sometimes, these expansions are discovered in the melodic line itself, though not noted in the initial sheet music arrangement--for example, in measure up 5 of “A” sections, where Porter’s notation shows a C7 chord however the melody note is an A (in this context, the 13th the the chord).K. J. McElrath - Musicologist because that medtox.org
The significant pianist Bud Powell’s 1953 power of Cole Porter’s tune is a languid, slow-moving ballad rendition. That exact same year, vocalist Helen Merrill, attach by stellar trumpeter Clifford Brown, walk the tune at a swinging medium tempo, which seems to have set the speed for the song on subsequent renditions.

1957 was a banner year for Porter’s song, especially with saxophonists. Arts Pepper, a superb alto saxophonist affected both by Benny Carter and Charlie Parker, was riding high career-wise. ~ above his contemporary recording he is backed by miles Davis’ masterful rhythm ar of Red Garland (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), and Philly Joe Jones (drums). Sonny Stitt, equally at house on the alto, baritone or tenor, go a formidable record on the last horn for Verve. ~ above the exact same label, the summit meeting in between tenor giants Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins produced fabulous results, no doubt because of a rhythm section that had pianist Oscar Peterson’s trio.

Chris Tyle - Jazz Musician and Historian

Bud PowellThe complete Blue Note and Roost RecordingsBlue keep in mind Records 30083
Helen Merrill/Clifford BrownHelen Merrill v Clifford BrownPolygram records 14643Original record 1954
Art PepperArt Pepper Meets the valuation SectionOriginal Jazz classics 338
Sonny Stitt an individual Appearance Verve original Recording 1957
Coleman Hawkins w, Ben Webster, Coleman HawkinsColeman Hawkins to meet Ben WebsterPolygram Records

Additional info for "You"d be So Nice come Come home To" may be found in:

Allen ForteThe American renowned Ballad that the golden Era, 1924-1950: A examine in musical DesignPrinceton university PressHardcover: 336 pages(4 pages including the following species of information: background and music analysis.)

Thomas S. HischakThe American musical Film song EncyclopediaGreenwood PressHardcover: 536 pages(1 paragraph including the following types of information: summary and performers.)

Susan SackettHollywood Sings!: An within Look in ~ Sixty year of Academy Award-Nominated SongsPub Overstock unlimited IncPaperback: 332 pages(5 paragraphs consisting of the following varieties of information: anecdotal, history and performers.)

Charles SchwartzCole Porter: A BiographyDa Capo Press; first Pbk editionPaperback: 365 pages(1 paragraph consisting of the following types of information: lyric evaluation and track lyrics.)

Robert Kimball, Brendan GillCole: A Biographical EssayOverlook PressHardcover: 283 pages(Includes the following varieties of information: track lyrics.)

Henry MartinEnjoying JazzSchirmer BooksPaperback: 302 pages(3 paragraphs consisting of the following species of information: lyric analysis and performers.)

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Recommendations for This Tune
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Cecil Taylor Jazz advance Blue note Records original Recording 1956

If girlfriend are looking for a straightforward interpretation of “You’d be So Nice to Come home to,” this is possibly not the location to start. If friend are searching for a challenging, exploratory reinterpretation that is at time contemplative and at other times aggressive and spiky, this visionary solo piano performance might be because that you.

Paul Chambers bass on top Blue note Records initial Recording 1957

Bassist Chambers takes facility stage here and also makes the many of the opportunity, supplying a fabulous interpretation of the melody and also an equally fabulous solo. He moves on come his function in the valuation section and also provides his usual stellar accompaniment for the various other soloists, pianist Hank Jones and also guitarist Kenny Burrell.

Sarah Vaughan After hours at the London residence (Dig) Verve initial Recording 1958

This live recording functions irresistible vocals indigenous Vaughan over an equally irresistible groove thanks in big part come the drumming of longtime Vaughan associate Roy Haynes. There are likewise excellent solos by Thad Jones on trumpet and also Richard Davis top top bass.

Lee Konitz movement (Dig) Verve initial Recording 1961

Saxophonist Konitz recorded this song often, and also this lengthy, up-tempo, swinging trio performance with bassist Sonny Dallas and also drummer Elvin Jones is among his most sweeping explorations that it.

Ella Fitzgerald in ~ Juan-Les Pins (Dig) Umvd Labels original Recording 1964

This recording files Fitzgerald in a live power in France through Tommy Flanagan’s trio add to Roy Eldridge on trumpet. In ~ a briskly swinging tempo, she supplies a great interpretation the melody followed by a second chorus in i beg your pardon she completely reinvents it.

Bill Mays Going home Palmetto Records initial Recording 2002

A prolific though regularly behind-the-scenes musician, pianist Mays provides us a powerfully swinging, tight and clever performance with his trio featuring bassist young name Wind and drummer Matt Wilson.

- noah Baerman

Billy BauerPlectrist2000 Verve 314517060Original recording 1956
A rare rotate as a leader finds Bauer proving he is a herbal on this electrifying translate of the song. The guitarist to adjust a blistering pace, egged on through the rate of drummer Osie Johnson and bassist Milt Hinton.
Andy Bey Ballads Blues & Bey 1996 evidence 22162
As a master vocalist Bey’s phrasing and also timing room impeccable. Accompanying self on the piano, Bey gift a Spartan, unembellished reading of the song, one come be enjoyed for the purity and also elegance.
Bobby TimmonsSweet and Soulful Sounds1997 original Jazz classics 928Original recording 1962
Flashes of unadulterated brilliance coincide with a solid work-related ethic ~ above this rendition. Pianist Timmons displayed an intrinsic knowledge of the song, whereby it has actually been and where it deserve to go.

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Barbara CarrollEverything ns Love1995 DRG 91438
Pianist Carroll gently explores the rhythmic facets of this romantic ballad v her trio. The a class act every the way.

- Ben Maycock