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Congratulations—you’re pregnant! We’re sure you can’t wait come share her happy news, specifically with her mom and dad, who room future grandparents. Why no take this possibility to REALLY surprise your parents through this life-changing event? listed below are 25 an innovative ways to tell parental you’re pregnant!

The Smart amount say is the an initial baby screen to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the finest indication that baby’s health—while they sleep.


Tie a note to a binky that says:

“Dear Grandma and also Grandpa,

Please host this for me in instance I need it once I involved visit. Learning my mom, she’ll most likely forget it.

See girlfriend in (DUE date MONTH)!”


Baby (INSERT critical NAME)


If you’re the crafty type, repaint a sign for her parents the says: “The finest parents get promoted to grandparents.” This is other they deserve to display roughly the residence as a continuous reminder the the joy that is come come very soon!


Once you have your an initial ultrasound picture, framework it and also give it to her parents with a note that says, “The just thing far better than having you as parents, is our baby having actually you as grandparents!” They will love this sentiment and also will have the ability to display this photo to share with their friends and also family.

4. Give A ONESIE

Decorate a onesie to offer to your parents. To buy a level white onesie and paint the phrase, “Will you be my grandparents?” v a heart. Easy, yet oh-so memorable and cute!


Do her parents love a cup that coffee or tea to begin their work off? offer them every a new mug and in the bottom the the mug write the adhering to phrases:

“You’re walk to be a grandma!”

“You’re walk to it is in a grandpa!”

This will be miscellaneous they deserve to see every time they finish off their morning drink and will keep a smile on their confront throughout the remainder of the day. And also if you aren’t the crafty type, you deserve to buy a pre-made mug online.

6. Provide A SWEET POEM

If she in a hurry, or can not wait to execute something extra fancy, simply write a letter to your parents the says,

“Roses room red, violets space blue, on (INSERT early DATE) your grandbaby is due!”

7. Because that A GRANDMA, AGAIN!

If your parents are already grandparents, merely use the expression “again” to any of the above announcements. Because that example, add “again” come the expression “You’re walking to be a grandma!” on your coffee mugs. They will certainly be simply as excited if that is their very first or 5th grandchild.


If your parents are constantly up because that a laugh, this is an ideal way to share your news. Merely wrap up a onesie that has one of the adhering to phrases written on it:

“If you think ns nap a lot, you need to see my grandpa!”

“My dad knows a lot, yet my grandpa to know everything!”

These are likely to make her dad laugh, and then he’ll realize the he is walking to be a grandparent! Yay!

9. Offer A COUPON

No, no that sort of coupon, a personalized coupon! ~ above the coupon write:

“Coupon good for one grandchild. Redeem (INSERT early out DATE).”

The Smart sock is the an initial baby screen to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the best indication of baby’s health—while they sleep.


Make a card v a fold. ~ above the front create “What is a grandparent?” as soon as they open up the fold have actually it check out “You. Friend is a grandparent.” so funny and also so simple to make.

11. WRAP up YOUR pregnancy TEST

Announce pregnancy with the check that delivered you the news in the very first place! pregnant test results have the right to fade over time, so you’ll need to use this one if you live near your parents and can see them shortly after acquisition a test. Plunder your pregnant test in a box and have her parents unwrap it and also be delighted!

12. Dress UP enlarge SIBLINGS

If you have older kids, dress them increase in shirts that say “I’m walking to it is in a large sister!” or “I’m walking to be a huge brother!” have your youngsters wear the shirts end to your grandparents residence or video clip chat through them and also wait till they notice what the shirt says.

13. Permit THEM EAT CAKE

There’s nothing like a celebratory cake to rest the news. Have a bakery frost a cake come say “We’re pregnant!” and bring it to a family dinner. You’ll never have a an ext memorable dessert!

14. Do THE announcement AT A SPORTING EVENT

People love to use the jumbotron because that wedding proposals, therefore why not usage it to announce a pregnancy? simply make certain your parents pertained to the game and are looking at the screen when it flashes up above.

15. BUY some DIAPERS

Gift your parents a crate of diapers and also tell them they’ll it is in needing them around their residence for as soon as they babysit. They’ll be perplexed at first, however once they affix the dots, the reaction will be priceless.


There’s nothing like a good pun to break the news! have your parents over and ask among them to open the oven. Placed a hamburger bun (or better yet, some freshly-baked buns for eating afterward!) and ask them to tell you what’s inside. Once they say, “Why is over there a bun in your oven?” they’ll have that wonder light pear moment.


If friend live far from her parents, this is a funny one to do them feel favor they’re right beside you. Make an audio recording of your very first ultrasound when you hear the baby’s heartbeat, and also then beat it end a voicemail recording for her parents.


If you have a favorite local cafe, arrangement to go there with your parental and set up a surprise v the owners in advance. Ask them to list “You’re walk to be a Grandparent” as one of the specials that the day on a chalkboard or sandwich plank outside. Then reap the interesting conversation come follow end a very delicious meal!

19. Game NIGHT

Get your entire family together for a fun game night and also ask to play Pictionary or Charades at some allude in the evening. Act out “we’re having a baby” and also wait for someone come guess the wonderful news!


Sometimes it’s best to announcement a pregnancy in a straightforward way. Gift your parents a brand-new calendar v your due date highlighted boldly, or merely ask castle to conserve the date. As soon as they ask why, an outbreak the news!


Tell among your parents that you heard about their large promotion in ~ work and also wanted to give them a congratulations gift. Once they asking what promotion you’re talking about, tell lock they’ve been supported to grandparents status!


These work everything large hits Instagram or Facebook, but you have the right to let her parents in top top the news early by sending them a unique preview the your pregnancy announcement photos. Include to the cute element with pink and also blue balloons, a shirt that announces the pregnancy, or any kind of other cute reveal concepts you can have.


If your parents have actually a ar for guest to put their pair of shoes in the hall or doorway, add a teeny small pair of infant shoes and also wait for her parents come notice!


Wondering specifically how to tell your mommy you’re pregnant? A grandma-to-be will always be happy with a brand-new necklace in she rotation. Gift your mother a sweet and basic necklace with words “grandma” or also the surname or initials of their future grandchild (if you’ve determined the name early on on!)

25. TELL their FORTUNE

Buy a bag that fortune cookie at your local asian market, climate take a pair of tweezers and also replace a pair of the fortunes v a printout the announces your pregnancy through a Chinese fortune-sounding twist. Placed the cookies in a small box as a gift, or take them with you come a Chinese restaurant and have the server current them to her parents.

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We hope this provided you part fun concepts on means to share your happy news v your parents. For various other pregnancy announcements, we have actually some adorable announcements ideal here.