Artist: Jeezy Title: Church In these Streets Year that Release: 2015 Label: universal Music GmbH Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop Quality: 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC; 24-bit/44.1 kHz FLAC full Time: 1:02:21 complete Size: 420; 735 MB WebSite: Album Preview

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Billboard 200 - #4, 2015"... He aims to it is in far an ext than simply a thug motivator. He wants to be actual leader, too."- Billboard"... The title track (is) a monolithic banger around crime and transcendence. Zaytoven developed it and it sounds big."- StereogumA year ~ the success of seen It All: The Autobiography, which struggle number one ~ above the us rap and R&B charts, Jeezy returns through Church In these Streets, his eighth studio album. The title to be selected due to the fact that Jeezy likens self to a pastor when he raps, preaching the "gospel" that his music together at a Sunday service or bible study. Church In These highways was preceded by four singles, consisting of the "street anthem" Sweet Life featuring Janelle Monáe."When human being get come that ar where lock feel favor they’re lost, the very first thing they execute is go to church. In the streets appropriate now, a lot of of civilization are lost. They ain’t gonna involved church. So i’m gonna bring the church come the streets."- Jeezy01. Young Jeezy - Grind State (3:44)02. Young Jeezy - shed Souls (3:45)03. Young Jeezy - divine Water (4:14)04. Young Jeezy - gold Bottles (3:12)05. Young Jeezy - Hell friend Talkin Bout (2:31)06. Young Jeezy - Hustlaz vacation (3:27)07. Young Jeezy - Eternal reflection Interlude (2:03)08. Young Jeezy - GOD (3:28)09. Young Jeezy - Church In These roads (3:08)10. Young Jeezy - brand-new Clothes (3:46)11. Young Jeezy - Sweet Life (4:11)12. Young Jeezy - fear Of The Dark (3:39)13. Young Jeezy - No Other way (3:33)14. Young Jeezy - Sister good Game"s Testimony (1:30)15. Young Jeezy - J BO (3:28)16. Young Jeezy - i Feel Ya (3:29)17. Young Jeezy - Go obtain It Interlude (1:29)18. Young Jeezy - just Win (3:52)19. Young Jeezy - forgive Me (3:53)
2016 Church In These streets FLAC 16-41-1.RAR - 419.5 MB2016 Church In These streets FLAC 24-44,1.RAR - 736.1 MB
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