i am a member of my company"s advancement team, with the function of Admin. Ns can access the Member center of the team at https://developer.apple.com/

However, as soon as I ns attempt to sign in at https://itunesconnect.apple.com ns am presented with the adhering to error message:



Your Apple i would isn"t permitted for iTunes Connect. Discover More

I am an admin on the advance team. As soon as I visit Developer > Member center > world I do not see any permissions pertained to iTunes Connect.

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How execute I gain accessibility to mine team"s iTunes attach portal?

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The systems is simple: Login with this account to iTunes (not iTunesConnect). Ns am sure you didn"t do that. You have the right to take your iPhone or iPad to carry out that or download the iTunes application.

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It is not sufficient to be a member the the apologize Developer Account / Member center team.

The account must also be added as one iTunes attach User.

From an existing iTunes connect admin account, add the new user to iTunes Connect:

iTunes attach > Users and Roles > "+" > include iTunes affix User


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If her Apple id is included to your team account recently, you need to activate it very first by clicking the link that Apple sent to you with the activation code. After that, friend should have the ability to login to iTunes connect. P/S: You may need to examine your net connection, firewall, proxy setup to make certain you can attach to itunes attach server. This happened to me as I used my agency network to login. After switched to mine 3G hotspot, it functioned like a charm.

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I had comparable issues and also I gained quite a few random answers native iTunesConnect support until I regulated to get an iTunes affix supervisor.

Here is what is happening:

Your team iTunes connect guy added you with an e-mail addressThe target is for the email deal with to be the iTunes attach email and also idYou have actually never been created as an iTunesConnect user through this emailWhen this email/id was included (someone to fill the name and email in iTunesConnect) clicked "Next", iTunes would have "initialised" the account

This "initialise" is key:

Apple walk NOT understand the user however they have sufficient details to collection a skeleton account allowing the user to login.

To rotate this into a real/complete account, the user needs to log in come appleid.apple.com, add birth date and also answer/set the defense questions.

Once the is done, the account will end up being a fully fledged account.

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Then, if friend send an invite (and if they user did not provide up and switched to Android), as soon as he/she accepts/clicks ~ above the invitation, they will certainly be collection up together expected.